In 2014 I created a website for Tone Deaf School of Music, through the software Adobe Muse. This website acted as a support to the business in the form of advertisement, was accompanied by many other means. In 2020, as we all know, a worldwide pandemic hit. Many businesses were affected, resulting in closures and drastic alterations to business models. Tone Deaf, like many others, have been forced to adapt to the new ways, providing online lessons to individuals being among these. In the 7 years since the website was initially conceived, the business has undergone numerous developments that also needed to be reflected in their online portal. 
I engaged in an extensive research process to establish the key requirements before developing an MVP. My research involved conducting stakeholder interviews, creating a survey, a feature prioritisation matrix and developing user personas. 
My research led to the creation of a customer journey map and task flow diagram before establishing a sitemap.
Only through rigorous user testing was it possible to establish the effectiveness of the MVP and begin developing a high fidelity prototype.
Affordances were greatly important in the user journey and interactions required unique imagery to communicate effectively. It was an enormous undertaking, which involved searching through Tone Deaf's image archive and hosting a photoshoot to generate new imagery.
You can visit the link below to view the desktop prototype:

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